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Get to know about Notitia

Get to know about Notitia

  • I love the course, but I can’t afford it... is there a payment plan?

    Yes, there is a payment plan! That means you can enroll and get instant access today - you will then be automatically charged the same amount once per month for the next 5 months (a total of 6 payments).

  • Do I have to finish this course within a certain amount of time?

    No. We do recommend spending a minimum of 5 hours per week on the course if you're working full time, and more if you have more availability. That said, the course is self-paced and you have lifetime access so the amount of time that you devote is entirely up to you.  You always have the option to skip ahead or ask questions depending on where you are in your job search. You’ll receive full support (group coaching, Slack, email, access to course materials) forever, regardless of how long it takes you to complete the course.

  • The course sounds great, but I can’t afford it because I don’t have a job right now!

    This course is designed to ensure that you get the best possible job as quickly as possible. Other online and university programs can cost +$12,000 and most won't get you any closer to landing a job in data science. You can get instant access to DSDJ today using the payment plan and the course will pay for itself in a matter of weeks. A small investment now could make a world of difference. Remember that the average data scientist in America makes about $121k/year. And many Sr Data Scientists make well in excess of $150k/year. Not to mention that our Money-Back Job Guarantee makes this completely risk-free for you.

  • Does the course teach all the technical skills needed for Data Science?

    First, we teach you how to think like a data scientist, frame problems, and approach solving them so that you understand what skills you need to learn and why and secondly, we walk you through 5 example projects and explain what we've done from start to finish in each of them with video walkthroughs so you can see a preview of what your work should look like

  • How long does it take to complete the course?

    It depends on your current skill level and your goals. Most students land jobs in 3-12 weeks. Some take more if they need to spend a more time developing skills or are not focused on their job search.   If you focus on completing the course and work through all the modules, you can be interview-ready within two weeks (but you have to be willing to put in the work!).

  • How does the Money-Back Job Guarantee work?

    You complete the program (i.e. you put in the work and complete the activities) You apply for jobs

  • This course seems like it is for job seekers... what if I’m learning how to become a data scientist from scratch? Is the course for me?

    It will take a larger time commitment to learn all the technical skills, but the course walks you through all the resources that you need to learn the data science skills quickly and efficiently.

  • Is there a certificate for completing this course?

    Yes! Once you complete 100% of the Data Science Dream Job Course, Kyle and the Notitia Ai mentors will award you a certificate after a successful evaluation of your skills and progress.

Get to know about Notitia

Why waste time wondering a career that may never exist

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Why waste time wondering a career that may never exist
Why waste time wondering a career that may never exist
Why waste time wondering a career that may never exist
Why waste time wondering a career that may never exist