The Right Path To A Career In Data Science, Data Analysis Part 4.



The best stats you’ve ever seen (TED Talk)

This is an iconic TED talk and a fun display of storytelling with data. 

Think Fast, Talk Smart (Video)

This is a workshop at the Stanford Graduate School of Business on how to overcomeanxiety and speak spontaneously. Not only will this help you for the rest of yourcareer, but it will also allow you to stand out during your interview.

7 Tips for Improving Communication (Video)

Simple, practical tips on how to communicate effectively on a daily basis.How to Win Friends and Influence People (PDF), (Free Audiobook Version) This isa book we’d recommend for anyone, data scientist or not. While some of theverbiage is a bit dated, the teachings about interpersonal relationships aretimeless.


Data Driven Decisions (Video) 

How to take business objectives, extract testable hypotheses from them, and thendesign experiments to evaluate.

How to be data driven and build great products by DJ Patil (Video)

Lecture by DJ Patil before he become Chief Data Scientist of the USA. 

Big Data: New Tricks for Econometrics by Hal Varian (PDF)

Hal Varian, Chief Economist at Google, gives an excellent overview of the technologyand methodology landscape for data analysis. 

How data will transform business (TED Talk)

Thought-provoking discussion of the relationship between business strategy andtechnology. Explains why the two long-standing theories of business strategy havebecome invalidated by the rise of big data.

Victor Cheng’s Case Interview Workshop (Video Series)

Some employers like to ask consulting-style “case” questions during the interview.This is more common for Data Scientists in business operations, strategy, or analyticsroles. This is an excellent crash course on tackling case interviews.


Machine Intelligence and Data Products (Video)

Future-looking discussion of data products and data science. 

Machine Intelligence Landscape (Chart)

Venture capitalist’s perspective on the landscape of machine intelligenceapplications. 

The art of innovation (TED Talk)

Masterclass on innovation by Guy Kawasaki. 

7 steps of creative thinking (TED Talk)

Creative thinking tips from the perspective of a serial artist and entrepreneur. 

Working backwards to solve a problem (TED Talk)

Chess grand-master Maurice Ashley on how to see the endgame and work backwards. 

Crunchbase (Database)

Database of the newest startups, searchable by keywords


Introduction to Business Analytics (Video)

 Short and sweet intro to how businesses use analytics to make better decisions,including case studies.

Marketing Metrics and Analytics (Video)

Introduction to common metrics and analytics methods using in marketing.

Effective Cross-Selling using Market Basket Analysis (Tutorial)

How to do smarter cross-selling.

An Intuitive Guide to A/B Testing (Video)

Overview of A/B testing and interpretation.

25 Examples of Business KPIs (Examples)

They say what gets measured gets managed. Here are 25 examples of business KeyPerformance Indicators (KPIs) that are commonly used to make better decisions. 

Analytics Academy by Google (Courses)

Practical courses on digital analytics, e-commerce analytics, and other topics.

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