The Right Path To A Career In Data Science, Data Analysis Part 3.



 API Tutorials

Python: requests Quickstart Guide (Tutorial)

How to use the requests library to request data from API’s.

R: httr Quickstart Guide (Tutorial)

How to use the httr library to request data from API’s.Web Scraping Tutorials

Python: Basic HTML Scraping (Tutorial)

Basic web scraping with the lxml and requests libraries.

Python: Selenium (Tutorial)

Useful for scraping websites that have Javascript (selenium replaces requests). 

Python: BeautifulSoup (Tutorial)

Popular library for parsing web pages (beautifulsoup replaces lxml). 

R: rvest (Tutorial)

Basic web scraping with the rvest library.7



Intro to SQL by Khan Academy (Course)

Comprehensive video series that covers every important SQL topic. (Interactive Tutorial) 

Greatto use review or a quick crash course. 

SQL Fundamentals (Course)

Course that covers the basics of SQL. Includes quizzes along the way to test yourunderstanding.8 



Data Visualization in Python (Video Series)

Tutorial on using the matplotlib library in Python for data visualization. 

Data Visualization in R (Video Series)

Tutorial on using the ggplot library in R for data visualization.9



Machine Learning by Andrew Ng (Video Series)

This is the gold standard when it comes to Machine Learning courses. You’ll walkaway with a firm understanding of the theoretical underpinnings as well asrecommendations on when to use different algorithms in practice.

Harvard’s CS 109: Data Science (Course)

Fantastic end-to-end general-purpose data science course that covers several machinelearning models (in slightly less depth) than Andrew Ng’s course. The course is taughtin Python.

R: caret package webinar (Video)Introduction to the caret package in R, which is how algorithms are oftenimplemented in practice. 

Python: scikit-learn quickstart (Tutorial)Introduction to the sklearn package in Python, which is how algorithms are oftenimplemented in practice.

Elements of Statistical Learning (PDF)

Reference text. This is one of the classic textbooks of the industry. It assumes youhave a fairly high level of math background. 

An Introduction to Statistical Learning in R (PDF)Reference text. Another classic textbook that’s a gentler introduction than Elements ofStatistical Learning.

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