The Right Path To A Career In Data Science, Data Analysis Part 1.



Statistics and Probability (Khan Academy)

Practical introduction to statistics and probability from Khan Academy.

Recommended for getting up to speed quickly.

Harvard Stats 110: Probability (Video Series)

Rigorous treatment of probability theory from Harvard. Recommended for building

deeper mastery.

Think Stats: Probability and Statistics for Programmers (PDF)

Excellent resource for those with programming backgrounds. Quote: “The thesis of

this book is that if you know how to program, you can use that skill to help you

understand probability and statistics.”

Crash Course on Basic Statistics (PDF)

Short PDF that covers a whirlwind review of key topics. We like this review sheet

Stanford CS229: Probability Review (PDF)

Short PDF that covers a whirlwind review of key topics needed for machine learning.

Assumes knowledge of linear algebra and calculus.

Introduction to Probability (PDF)

Reference text. Textbook that covers every major topic in probability and statistics.

Introduction to Probability and Statistics using R (PDF)

Reference text. Probability textbook with applications in R.




Learn Python the Hard Way (Online Book)

Designed for beginners who want a complete course in programming with Python.

Introduction to Python for Data Science (Online Course)

Recommended for those with programming experience who only need a crash courseon the basic Python tools needed for data science. (Interactive Tutorial)

Short, interactive tutorial for those who just need a quick way to pick up Pythonsyntax.How to Think Like a Computer Scientist (Interactive Tutorial), (PDF Version)Interactive “Computer Science 101” course taught in Python that really focuses on theart of problem solving. Wonderful gem. (Online Puzzle)

Fun online puzzle with 33 levels that you can solve with Python programming. 


Swirl (Interactive R Package)

Very cool R package that you can install and learn the language directly from insideRStudio (the most common interface used to run R).

R for Data Science (Online Book)

Recommended for beginners who want a complete course in data science with R. 

Introduction to Data Science with R (Video Series)

For those who learn better by watching someone else walk through the steps.

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